Rebeaut products are created by ‘skin type’ with clinically proven, biocompatible ingredients that your skin recognizes and loves, so you get visible results without compromising the health of your skin.

We eliminate more than 1,300 ingredients deemed unsafe as per the EU Cosmetics Regulators.

Rebeaut products are created by skin type

What this means is ingredients and products your skin recognizes and loves and responds to well, hence the following benefits: 

  • Safer – the formulation is skin compatible, does not damage your skin 
  • More effective – products are designed to work with your skin, hence it accepts the ingredients better. Your skin cells don’t need to worry about fighting off the aggressors and skin incompatible ingredients, so it can absorb all the goodies without any effort 
  • Builds skin immunity – over time results in healthy skin, fewer skin disorders and less sensitization and therefore healthier, brighter and even tone skin                                                                                           

Rebeaut focuses on Safe, Clinically proven, skin compatible ingredients

  •  We do not want to indulge in the natural vs. chemical debate.  Our focus is on the safety and effectiveness of ingredients that are used in our products.  

    • We use a perfect blend of nature and science to give you results oriented products.  Rather than applying lemons, sugarcane and other natural plants on your skin, we prefer to extract the potent, active molecule from that fruit (like glycolic acid, polyphenols or vitamin C) so we get the best of that fruit in a controlled dosage.  We consider only those safe and clinically tested ingredients which have skin identical molecular structures, improve the efficacy of the product and support the integrity of the formulation. 
    • Use of clinically proven safe and effective ingredients and products over time, means all the toxic, skin damaging ingredients are eliminated. This results in improved skin health, and reduced sensitization and skin disorders
    • Your products are more effective - With skin compatible ingredients formulated for your skin type, your products show better results in a safe way, without harming your skin